Grant and Award Policies and Guidelines


The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. (The KJBF) is a philanthropic organization that seeks to support and provide opportunities of enrichment and learning to empower and engage youth, families, and community through the Arts, with a focus on the Performing Arts.  Together, we leverage our contributions to make investments to inspire dreams with love and humility.




While more specific information may be required during the application period, the basic criteria for consideration is listed below:


  1. Your organization’s project must align with the mission of the foundation, which is to utilize available resources and funding to enrich and empower through the arts.

  2. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is critical in our world; however, we believe that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is a path to address a more human centered approach; inspiring dreams with love and humility.  Projects that are well defined, have a specific start/stop time, and measurable outcomes will be given preference.

  3. The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. may fund individual awards that align to the guidelines Criteria #1 and #2.

  4. The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. (The KJBF) does not fund administrative or overhead costs, all money received from the Foundation should be appropriated to the specific project that funds were requested for.

  5. Inability to provide verification of funds utilization will result in a breach of agreement with The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. and funds may not be disbursed or must be repaid.

  6. The demographics of age groups served by the not-for-profit organizations should be 1 – 21 years of age.


Further Details:


The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. funds not-for-profit organizations as defined by section 501(c) 3 of the IRS Tax code and legally registered business structures. The following is a list of eligibility requirements organizations should meet in order to be considered for a grant from the Foundation:

  • Not-for-profit organization must be tax exempt under 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Supporting documentation in the form of the IRS determination letter (IRS Letter 1045) and your EIN number is required.

  • Organization must be a registered sole proprietorship or partnership.  Supporting documentation and EIN number is required.

  • Organization must be community based, with money staying in those communities without being processed by a national organization.

  • Organization must be in operation for five years or more.  Some exceptions may be made.

  • Organization must be in good financial standing.

  • Organization is non-discriminatory for any reason, including race, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation and/or national origin.

  • Administrative expenditures for the organization may not exceed 30% of total budget.

  • Preference is given to local groups that are not affiliated with national or global organizations.

  • Exceptions from these criteria may be made on a one on on basis, and in situations of large-scale crises, such as national disasters.


The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. does not provide financial support to the following:

  • Religious organizations, unless the program is a secular community outreach program benefiting the community at large.

  • Political organizations, campaigns or candidates.

  • Fraternal Organizations.

  • Fundraising events.