The Origin of Our Logo Design

The foundation logo was created by Kyle's sisters - Kelsey and Keely. Kelsey's drawing, transitioned into Keely's design and our final logo; representing a balance of various parts of Kyle's life.


The final design revealed itself and reflects the ancient symbology of the cross. Traditionally, horizontal lines have represented man's journey through the earth realm, while vertical lines are divine manifestations.


We are meant to pay attention to the intersecting point, when the divine appears in our lives. Kyle's gift as a performer was otherworldly.


The intersecting point in our logo is the comedy & tragedy masks, and arts enrichment is the core of our mission. The foundation of our design is a rendering of a pair of Kyle's boots.


Kyle loved a pair of well worn boots. He was the quintessential theatre triple threat. Thus, the masks, which also represents Kyle's sense of humor, the tragedy of life, and the theater. The heart and the wings ... the transcendent quality of life, hope, faith and love.