The Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. (The KJBF) is a philanthropic organization that seeks to support and provide opportunities of enrichment and learning to empower and engage youth, families, and community through the Performing Arts.  Together, we leverage our contributions to make impactful investments to inspire dreams with love and humility.


Procedures and Applications: 


To be considered for a grant, organizations should:


1) Submit a Grant Application. (Click to Download)  If the foundation staff finds that the proposed project

    aligns with the foundation’s goals, members will invite a grant proposal.

2) Once invited by a member, a proposal package should be completed using Grant Proposal Template.

3) Present a copy of your IRS determination letter and any required narratives.

To be considered for an award or sponsorship, individuals should:


1) Submit an Award Application. (Click to Download) If the foundation staff finds that the proposed project

    aligns with the foundation’s goals, members will invite additional information and documentation.

2) Once invited by a member, additional information and documentation must be submitted in a timely


3) Present original receipts, documents and any required narratives.

Please Note:

  • Invited submissions are accepted in the spring and fall of each year. Specific guidelines will be outlined.

  • Inability to provide required verification will result in breach of the agreement signed with The KJBF and funds may not be disbursed or must be repaid.

  • Funds are limited and awards are given on a first come, first serve or best purpose basis to qualified applications.

Interested in completing the form online, let us know and the form will be sent via DocuSign (secure).